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Will ensure domicile clause is implemented for recruitments: Vijai

Will ensure domicile clause is implemented for recruitments: Vijai

14 May 2019 No comment 17 hits

Q: There are many political parties and their youth wings in Goa. Why only Goa Forward Party’s youth wing has taken up the issue of 15 years of domicile certificate for Goa University staff recruitment?

We are the only political party following the ‘Goem’, ‘Goemkar’ and ‘Goemkarponn’ agenda and hence it is but natural that only we take up this issue concerning Goa University staff recruitment. Not only the 15-years domicile criterion but also knowledge of Konkani should be compulsory for all job applicants. It is indeed sad that other political parties and their youth wings do not have this vision to protect the interests of Goan youth and this is exactly why only the GFP can protect ‘Goemkarponn’.

Q: Goa Forward Party is a part of the state government and considered to be a powerful alliance in the current coalition led by BJP. Instead of coming onto the street, why you cannot resolve such issues within the government?

We are not just another political party whose only aim is to remain in power. Yes, we are an integral part of the government and are confident that the Chief Minister can and will resolve this issue. It is only if for any reason that it is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Goan youth that we will have to resort to other ways to achieve the desired outcome.

Q: Will this be restricted to Goa University recruitment matter or your party has identified such loopholes in other departments leading to injustice to Goan youth?

This is not restricted only to the Goa University recruitment. We are committed to protecting the interests  of the Goan youth as far as recruitment in all government departments is concerned and will certainly ensure that these criteria are strictly followed by all the departments. To go one step further, we will also try to make sure that private establishments operating in Goa, especially in industrial estates where the state government provides infrastructural and other facilities, give preference to Goan applicants for jobs.

Q: Goa Forward Party is talking about protecting ‘Goemkarponn’. Can you elaborate on your party’s future action plan in this regard?

In addition to jobs for Goan youth, we promise to take all steps to promote opportunities for Goan youth in self-employment, entrepreneurship etc and for this make available the necessary education and training. ‘Goemkarponn’ is also about the Goan ethos and for protecting this, we are taking steps to protect the various facets of Goan heritage, be it cultural, architectural, natural or agricultural. This includes promoting Goan vegetables and fruits like the ‘tambddi bhaji’ and Mankurad mango, organising heritage festivals, laying down rules for buildings with Goan facades and protecting the wildlife and nature of Goa.

Q: As Deputy Chief Minister, how would you make sure that the government undertakes review of all departments as far as the mandatory 15-year domicile and knowledge of Konkani in job recruitments is concerned?

Certainly, I will start with my departments and those under my GFP colleagues in the cabinet. I will also propose to the Chief Minister that this exercise be undertaken for all government departments and undertakings, including exploring all possibilities to extend this, wherever legally tenable, to all central government establishments in the state and to private industries.

Source: Will ensure domicile clause is implemented for recruitments: Vijai

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