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Russian man held, Rs 6.7 lakh drugs seized

Russian man held, Rs 6.7 lakh drugs seized

14 Apr 2019 No comment 30 hits

MAPUSA: Anjuna police arrested a Russian national on Friday evening with drug worth Rs 6.7 lakh in Siolim. Sergei Vantsesov, 36, was arrested at Marna, Siolim, with cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy, charas and GBL liquid.

Police said the Vantsesov was found in possession of narcotics suspected to be 5g methamphetamine worth Rs 50,000, 9.4g cocaine worth Rs 50,000, 8.3g MDMA worth Rs 45,000, 31 ecstacy tablets of 10.5g worth Rs 70,000 and liquid GBL worth Rs 3 lakh.

An offence has been registered under Section 21(c) 21(b) and 20(b) (ii) of NDPS act. The accused was arrested and produced before the judicial magistrate first class at Mapusa and remanded in four days police custody. Anjuna police have requested the Foreigners Regional Registration Office(FRRO) Panaji to contact the embassy. PSI Tejeshkumar Naik is investigating the case.
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Source: Russian man held, Rs 6.7 lakh drugs seized

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