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Poll code leads to freeze on recruitments to 400 government posts

Poll code leads to freeze on recruitments to 400 government posts

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PANAJI: Recruitments to around 400 posts involving 10-12 departments have come to a standstill with the enforcement of the election code of conduct. They are expected to resume only once the code is lifted.

A government official, however, said departments that had begun the hiring process by advertising vacancies before the code of conduct set in, could continue with the requisite procedures but should stop short of issuing offer letters.

The departments of education, police, health services, women and child development, settlement and land records, and art and culture had initiated recruitments shortly before the election code was enforced. But it is generally observed that government departments refrain from proceeding with new hires altogether once the code kicks in.

As per procedure, the personnel department starts by conducting an internal assessment of manpower requirements for a particular government department. A report of the assessment is then sent for approval to a high-level committee headed by the chief minister, following which sanction for recruitment is given.

The official said no fresh proposal was sent for approval to the high-level committee after the code of conduct was enforced. “Our task of internal assessment, however, has not stopped. We continue to interact with officials to assess their requirements,” the official said.

Recruitments to government departments were on hold for 1.5 years after the BJP-led coalition government came to power in March 2017. Even after the ban was lifted, however, the process failed pick up pace. An official attributed the delays to sporadic meetings of the high-level committee on account of chief minister Manohar Parrikar’s ill health.
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Source: Poll code leads to freeze on recruitments to 400 government posts

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