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Panchayats upbraided for not doing enough on garbage disposal

Panchayats upbraided for not doing enough on garbage disposal

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Margao: Goa Waste Management Corporation director Levinson Martins on Tuesday pulled up the village panchayats for not doing enough to tackle the garbage menace in their backyards.

Martins had earlier warned the panchayats to expedite the process to set up material recovery facilities as mandated by the Solid Waste Management Rules, failing which adverse steps could follow.

On October 1, the directorate of panchayat put a restriction on the issuance of construction licences and occupancy certificates by village panchayats until the compliance of the Solid Waste Management Rules.

The move comes during the festive season when many people want to move into their new houses.

However, the curbs could spell trouble for the real estate industry of the state. A builder said the restriction will not only cause delay but will also increase the prices of houses.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, Martins said that statistics available on garbage collection has indicated that the panchayats have  not been doing enough in terms of dry waste collection: some villages have collected just 25 kg of dry waste over a period of 10 years. He opined that generation of dry garbage should be high in Salcete villages, where consumption level is high.

The Salcete village panchayats must augment their dry waste collection, he said, adding that there has been a huge gap between the garbage generated and the garbage collected. 

Hence we see a lot of garbage on roadsides, open spaces and into water bodies, he explained.

Martins exhorted the panchayats to identify land and set up material recovery facilities, and get them approved by the Goa State Pollution Control Board.

Stating that disposal of wet waste is not such a problem in villages as there is land available to dispose it, he said  the quandary is as regards the dry waste which has to be collected and segregated before being sent to the waste management corporation for proper disposal.

Sources in the panchayat directorate suggested that the panchayats should enhance the door-to-door dry garbage collection.

The government has extended all support to the village panchayats, including financial backing, but the panchayats are not doing enough, the sources complained.

They insisted that every panchayat must have an independent material recovery facility, adding that the government had even offered financial support to the rural self-governing bodies to set up their own garbage plants. 

However, there has been poor response to the initiative. 

The government has also enhanced the funds to the panchayats for garbage management from Rs 1 lakh to up to Rs 7 lakh, depending on the jurisdiction of the panchayats.

Sarpanchas, on the other hand, have pointed to several problems plaguing the villages.

Source: Panchayats upbraided for not doing enough on garbage disposal

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