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Missing victim girl was pressurised to answer exam: police

Missing victim girl was pressurised to answer exam: police

14 May 2019 No comment 33 hits

VASCO: According to the police team, which is looking out for the missing victim girl in the alleged rape case involving former minister and Congress candidate for Panaji bypoll Atanasio Monserrate alias ‘Babush’, the girl might have left the convent after being pressurised by the teachers to answer her practical examination of her two-year fashion designing course in vocational stream.

The victim girl was kept in the convent for her rehabilitation. Sources in the police said that she had enrolled herself for a two-year fashion designing course in a reputed college based at Nuvem. The girl used to travel everyday to the college from the convent by public transport. She had a hobby of dancing and even liked to spend her leisure time at beaches. Apart from all these activities, she also liked to shop, said the source.

“Since she had turned major in age, the girl wanted to have freedom in her life. She wanted to enjoy her life. However, she was restricted from living the life of her choice,” said the sources. “She was good in her skills. She was excellent in learning and also in drawing good pictures, preparing sketches, painting and even designing,” the source said.

“She did not like to answer her practical examination in the class. Teachers used to pressurise her to answer as the Class 12 exam was approaching. The constant pressure from her teachers led to the girl not attending her classes for one month from March 29 to April 28. The management at the convent also requested the girl to answer her practical examination but she failed to do so,” said the source and added that the girl did not answer her practical examination for one whole year.

The sources said, “It was a known fact to the management of the convent and her roommates that she had packed her clothes with an intention of leaving the centre on April 28. She might have left the convent due to the pressure of answering her practical examination.”

The girl was last spotted by a bus conductor after she boarded a bus to Vasco in the vicinity of her convent. The bus stopped at Zuarinagar and she was asked to alight. As she had no money, it is not known where she might have proceeded, said the source.

The girl constantly used to spell her brother’s name. “She wanted to meet her brother, who is staying in Goa along with her mother,” said the source in police.

Meanwhile, the police have commenced an intensive search operation by constituting four police teams in both, south and north districts.

Speaking to this daily, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vasco, Sunita Sawant said, “Four teams have been constituted which consist of three police personnel for the search of the missing girl. The police teams will be assisted by roommates of the victim girl for easy identification of the victim.”

“The police are also searching at the beaches, hotels, lodgings, guest houses, beauty parlours and even at other workplaces across the state. The photographs of the missing girl have been circulated in all the police stations so that she can be traced easily,” she said.

Source: Missing victim girl was pressurised to answer exam: police

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