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Incident has exposed Pramod Sawant’s incompetence: Congress

Incident has exposed Pramod Sawant’s incompetence: Congress

06 Nov 2019 No comment 44 hits

PANAJI: Congress on Wednesday said that chief minister Pramod Sawant's varying statements on the ongoing operations to salvage the grounded vessel, Nu-Shi Nalini, have exposed his incompetence.
State Congress party president Girish Chodankar pointed out that 14 days after the chemical tanker, laden with 2,400 tonnes of naphtha, drifted and ran aground at Dona Paula, no progress has been seen in the salvage operations.
“Pramod Sawant keeps changing his theory about the naphtha removal and his statements change in less than 24 hours. Is the chief minister trying to fool people or is he clueless himself?” said Chodankar in reference to the different deadlines given by Sawant regarding the removal of naphtha.
Chodankar also asked why the authorities kept changing the strategy to remove the naphtha on a daily basis. The party also accused the state government of not taking the situation seriously.
“This vessel has exposed chief minister Pramod Sawant’s incapability to handle this issue. His government has taken 14 days to discuss shifting of naphtha and not one drop has been removed,” said Chodankar.
The Nu-Shi Nalini began to drift on October 24 and has been grounded just 800 metres away from Cabo, Dona Paula. The vessel poses a risk to the residents of Dona Paula, the fishermen of the locality and governor Satya Pal Malik, whose official residence is nearby. Congress said that the state government must select a competent agency to salvage the vessel and remove the naphtha.

Source: Incident has exposed Pramod Sawant’s incompetence: Congress

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