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Illegal stay: 28 foreigners blacklisted since January

Illegal stay: 28 foreigners blacklisted since January

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Panaji: Twenty eight foreign nationals of 14 nationalities have been blacklisted since January this year after they were found staying illegally in the state.

According to the data available with the foreigner’s regional registration office (FRRO)-Goa, in the last 9 months 28 foreign nationals have been blacklisted. Once blacklisted, the foreign national cannot enter India for a minimum period of 1 year, informed officials, adding that, the period of ban on entry is imposed depending on case-to-case basis after they are deported.

Those who have been blacklisted are from Russia 5, British 4, Tanzania 4, Yemen 2, Kazakhstan 2, Ukraine 2, Uganda 2, Angola 1, Ireland 1, Congo 1, Finland 1, Swedish 1, Israel 1 and Brazil 1.

It may be recalled that the state’s first foreigner detention centre at Mapusa, which is only the second in the country, was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in May this year.

Since then the FRRO-Panaji detained 20 foreign nationals at the facility of which 11 have been deported. Most of the foreign nationals who were detained for illegal stay in Goa claimed to be on business visa which the police suspects were fictitious.

According to the information, earlier there were incidents wherein foreign nationals caught by the police for staying illegally often provided fake names which made difficult for the police while coordinating with the concerned embassy.

However, with the detention centre in operation, the issue of providing fake name appears to be over. According to information, when a foreign national is found without valid travel documents to go back to their country, the concerned embassy is contacted for providing a transit permit for its national. Till the valid travel documents come from the embassy, the foreign national is housed in the detection centre.

Source: Illegal stay: 28 foreigners blacklisted since January

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