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Gudi Padwa 2019: Only 212 vehicles register

Gudi Padwa 2019: Only 212 vehicles register

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PANAJI: Goans desirous of purchasing a new vehicles often wait for Gudi Padwa. But this year the state transport department registered only 212 vehicles on the festive day. “Generally, each regional transport office (RTO) registers 70-80 vehicles for Gudi Padwa. This year, the offices were closed because of the public holiday which coincided with a Saturday, therefore the decrease in registrations,” a transport official said.

The registrations were done at the dealership level through the Vahan 4.0 software developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) for the transport department.

This year, 62 vehicles were registered during Gudi Padwa at RTO Mapusa, while RTO Dharbandora saw just one vehicle getting registered.

“It is usually RTO Panaji that has about 80 vehicles registered on the day, of which 60-65 alone are two-wheeler vehicles,” the official said.

The highest number of four-wheelers registered in the state was 21 in Panaji, the lowest was three each at Bicholim and Canacona RTOs. Most number of two-wheelers were registered at RTO Mapusa with 47 bikes and only one was registered at RTO Dharbandora.

“Usually we see an average of 30 car sales at our outlet for Gudi Padwa, but this year the numbers fell to 12 cars,” said an employee of Sai Service, Porvorim.

Meanwhile, Mariola Fernandes, GM, Maruti Suzuki Arena, Miramar said that the dealership saw an increase in sales compared to last year. “Overall sales are down, but there was a 5% growth for Gudi Padwa,” she said.
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Source: Gudi Padwa 2019: Only 212 vehicles register

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