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Goa: Women can now change name in marriage certificate

Goa: Women can now change name in marriage certificate

19 Jun 2019 No comment 135 hits

PANAJI: Non-Hindu brides will now be able to officially change their names at the time of registering their marriage. The law and judiciary department has issued a notification extending the facility to all women, irrespective of religion or community.
In REPORTERS's June 14 report, former law minister Nilesh Cabral had announced that every bride would soon be given the option of changing her name at the time of registering her marriage.
The notification will come as a relief not only to new brides but also to those who have registered their marriages in the past. "There is no cut-off date. Any woman wishing to change her name by adopting her husband's surname can apply for a correction in her marriage certificate. It will be corrected and given to her," an official said, adding that those interested will have to make an application and produce proof of their husbands' identity.
Since pre-Liberation days, the option of adopting the husband's surname in the marriage certificate at the time of registration was available only to Hindu brides. Women from Christian, Muslim and other communities were forced to go through the cumbersome process of changing their names later, by producing various documents and even publishing a notice in the government gazette.
The new notification will also address a flaw in the system where the name of the mother would erroneously appear with her husband's surname whether she had adopted it or not in a child's birth certificate.
"In pursuance of Article 43 of the Civil Marriage Decree, 1910, the government of Goa hereby notifies that the bride, irrespective of the religion/community, may change her name/middle name/surname all or any part thereof, at the time of registration of marriage or even after marriage, and she shall be entitled to use her husband's name, until such time as a divorce is granted or, in case of widowhood, until she contracts a second marriage," the notification reads.

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