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Goa tops small states in justice delivery

Goa tops small states in justice delivery

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PANAJI: Goa has topped the list of smaller states in delivering justice to people followed by Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. Dispensing legal aid helped Goa top the category.

Goa has a strong legal aid system, with legal aid cells setup across the state’s towns and villages.
The India Justice Report 2019 was announced on Thursday.
While Maharashtra emerged as the best state in justice delivery in the country with a score of 5.92 out of 10, Goa which topped the list among smaller states scored only 4.85. Sikkim scored 4.31, while Himachal Pradesh came third with 4.05 score.
The report is based on publicly available data of different government entities on the four pillars of justice delivery — police, judiciary, prisons and legal aid.
In the four pillars, Goa’s performance in policing was the worst. It scored only 3.69 out of ten compared to Sikkim's 5.66. The prison administration also gave Goa a good score of 5.30 and in judiciary it was 5.19 putting Goa in second place among smaller states. Goa';s spending on inmates is highest among all the states.
Sikkim did better in policing with a score of 5.66.
As for judicial system, many states, of all sizes, have vacancies that exceed 25% of the state’s own sanctioned strength. Goa has a better ratio comparatively.
Across states, the judge to population ratio varies a great deal. Among the small states, Goa, at 30,386, had the best judge to population ratio at the subordinate court level. Among the larger states, at the subordinate courts level, Haryana with almost 50,300 people per judge had a better ratio than Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh where this number exceeded one lakh per judge.
Among the small states, Goa and Mizoram had low population to subordinate court judge ratios, however Mizoram had a low average pendency in both courts. Goa, despite having the lowest population per subordinate court judge ratio had a much higher pendency (5.05 years)
In general, states and Union territories are improving women representation in police, but falling back on two fronts — filling vacancies and increasing spending on police in the same ratio as total state expenditure. Here, Goa has fared slightly better.
Most states have fallen short of meeting their reservation quotas at the police offi cer level. The following fi gure charts vacancies — the longer the bar, the higher a state's vacancies. Goa, Meghalaya, are among the four states which have met the criteria, according to the report.

Source: Goa tops small states in justice delivery

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