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Goa civic body moots CCTVs to keep an eye on litterbugs

Goa civic body moots CCTVs to keep an eye on litterbugs

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PANAJI: The next time you fling garbage by the roadside, Big Brother may be watching you. The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has identified 59 locations, including black spots across the capital, where garbage is strewn by residents and individuals from neighbouring areas.

CCP has submitted the list to Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) and requested that CCTV cameras should be installed under Goa Intelligent City Management system.

“It is requested that the implementing agency could be asked to expedite the work and provide the required infrastructure in the following areas,” CCP has stated in a note submitted to IPSCDL.

Some of the identified locations are the Campal promenade, the mangrove park at Patto, opposite Geeta Bakery, near the Methodist church in Campal, near Lake View colony in Miramar, near PWD quarters at Bhatulem and Sulabh toilet at Altinho.

IPSCDL, which is implementing the Centre’s Smart City Mission project in Panaji, has awarded the contract for installation of the smart cameras, along with the integrated command and control centre, to L&T Constructions for Rs 181 crore.

“Information and communications technology (ICT)-based solid waste management solution has been envisaged as one of the key areas under the Smart city Mission,” said IPSCDL CEO Swayandipta Pal Chaudhuri.

Among the 59 locations where CCP wants smart surveillance cameras to be installed, there are solid waste black spots, spots in the municipal market prone to spitting and littering, municipal gardens and along the entry points of CCP’s jurisdiction.

“Very often people who live outside the city dump their unsegregated waste as they enter the city to go to office,” said a CCP municipal engineer.

In August 2018, CCP launched a 24x7 toll free helpline number — 18002333948 — in an effort to keep the city spotless and free of garbage. The civic body has warned of imposing fines between Rs 500 and Rs 10,000 on those who litter in the city, but no progress has been made on this front.

A team of 40 new workers have been deployed for the work of lifting garbage around the city in three shifts and CCP hopes the CCTV cameras will act as further deterrence.

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Source: Goa civic body moots CCTVs to keep an eye on litterbugs

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