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60% of all rape accused persons are friends of survivors: Goa police

60% of all rape accused persons are friends of survivors: Goa police

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PANAJI: Goa police statistics state that since 2017, over 60% of persons accused of rape were friends of the survivor. Data available till 2019 shows that out of 205 rape cases, registered in Goa, 128 of them were committed by a friend of the survivor. Apart from the ‘friends’, Goa police also booked family members, teachers, and other relatives. In fact, in only 9 cases was the accused rapist unknown to the victim.
The force also said that out of these 128 cases, 53 were initially registered as elopement before being converted into rape case. Also, 47 of the cases involved the “pretext of marriage”.
IGP Jaspal Singh told REPORTERS that in rape cases, accused persons are both from Goa and outside the state. In 2017 and 2018, a British national was arrested for rape each year, and in 2019, an Iranian was arrested.
While rape cases are reported both soon after the crime and days later, police say that cases registered beyond 96 hours after the incident becoome difficult for police to probe and collect vital evidence.
Singh said that in rape cases, the accused is usually a known person, and parents need to be aware about who their children are friends with.
Over the past few years, Goa police also registered various cases involving crimes against women — kidnapping, eve-teasing, marital abuse, dowry death, immoral trafficking, etc. While chargesheets have been filed in many cases, most are pending trial. Some have even been closed due to lack of evidence.
The past five years have seen 230 cases of crimes against women remain undetected.
Goa police said they are trying to solve the undetected cases. “From time to time, directions are given to all investigating officers to conduct thorough and speedy investigations and to make sincere efforts to solve the cases,” chief minister Pramod Sawant said in a written reply tabled in the assembly.
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Source: 60% of all rape accused persons are friends of survivors: Goa police

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