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The people of Goa are fun lovers and it is very common to find families going out for a night of fun & merriment. There are places where, almost every third house has a bar-cum-restaurant. The place may not be anything very special, usually just a room in the house that has been opened to the public with a couple of chairs and a table. But the atmosphere is excellent - totally relaxing and extremely favourable to an enjoyable night out with friends and family. Most of the places serve exquisite seafood and other Goan delicacies and have well stocked bars. Titos, which is right on the beach in Goa are the hottest place to visit and to be seen at in Goa today. There's also a new discotheque 'The Beachotheque' where you can dance the night away. You can also check out Lidos in Dona Paula. But, if you are in the mood to dance to the tempo of the ocean, get together with your group of friends, some food and drink and hit the beach. No doubt, you will surely have a special night with the shimmering sand, the soothing moon and the bracing waves!


nightcubana_thumb307_Club Cabana:
In Goa, you can't get much ‘higher’ than Club Cubana - " the nightclub in the sky ". This party heaven stands on Arpora Hill, towering over North Goa, beckoning one and all with its pulsating strobe lights.

You walk up the steps carved into the hillside, and enter the first level. You go up another level, to be greeted by the sight of wet bikini clad women in the pool, a free massage table, white comfy beds, bucket chairs and a fantastic view that stretches for miles. It ain't over yet - the dance floor and open bar's on the third level. Trip to the DJ's tunes - hip-hop, pop, trance whatever your poison - or lounge around, enjoying the top-of-the-world feeling. You've got all the time in the world - the club's open till 5 am. And with a range of themes across the week - including Tequila Tuesdays, and Hip-Hop Mondays - you can never get bored. They used to have a bikini night earlier, but the moral police clamped down on those. Ah well, with its perfect blend of babes, booze and booty shakin beats, Cubana still remains the perfect club. Damages: Rs.1000/couple (includes unlimited drinks all night). Single Women: Rs.400/-



bottlebayBottle Bay:
Sergey George is the man who 'looks after' Bottle Bay, the newest and most happening shack on the Baga beach. One look at Bottle Bay and you know a great deal of thought and passion has gone into making it look and feel different. From everything else.

Instead of regular cane chairs Bottle Bay has 'harem beds' on the beach (the kind where you can sit on gaddas, with the curtains blowing in the wind). Even the tables inside the shack have been carefully designed, with seashells and sand sandwiched in between two layers of glass. That's a shack with class!

The guys who've started and who run Bottle Bay are ex-managers and employees from Tito's. That experience certainly shows. But standing out from the crowd is not an indulgence, it's necessary. As Sergey explains, " There are over 600 shacks, restaurants and establishments angling for business in north Goa, close to the beaches."

Of that six hundred, Bottle Bay is certainly worth a visit! Especially at night.


La Terrasse:
Merci. Champagne. Zinedine Zidane. French kiss and ..err..that's pretty much the extent of my French repertoire. But that didn't stop me from going gaga over La Terrasse. A French restaurant in the middle of nowhere (actually on the shortcut between Baga and Anjuna), it's owned by Eric, a Frenchman with piercings that make him look like a slab of Swiss cheese. But far from being cheesy, the man exhibits class and hospitality, personally greeting patrons at the entrance.

Done up in pristine white, with sleek furniture and flickering candles, it offers a mostly-outdoor seating, with an inner room for a more intimate dining experience. Visit this place at least once - it's the stuff romantic movie dinners are made of !

P.S. This is a restaurant by night and Eric's home by day. That is also the scene at Club Cubana. Cool, ain't it? You live and you work, both in the same place!


Curly's Shack:
The name's spelt out in psychedelic shades, but even then Curly's isn't the easiest place to locate. Even after a friend had specified the location, I had to traipse through Anjuna Village, asking for directions, before I reached the shack, situated at the south end of Anjuna beach. The walk was fun though, because hippies slumming it out in tiny Indian cottages, with cows and buffaloes for company, is quite an amusing sight. Anyway, moving on to Curly's...

There's Cobra, Kingfisher and Kings for company. And at 60 bucks for a large peg of whisky/vodka/rum, it's definitely easy on the pocket. But the best part has to be the rooftop seating, with its red mattresses to lounge around on. During the busy season, it's the perfect spot to chill after partying.


Kingfisher Beer Garden (@ Baga: Go straight down the road from Tito's, towards Britto's) The name says it all.

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