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VP will have to examine basis for licences Carmona acting sarpanch

VP will have to examine basis for licences Carmona acting sarpanch

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Acting sarpanch of Carmona Savita Mascarenhas on Monday said that “the panchayat will reopen the file of the controversial Verda Resort and Spa.”

A large number of villagers including panchayat members confronted the resort management over the ‘nuisance’ caused by the resort in the residential area – disturbance by the guests, open urination and over-speeding by the hotel staff.

Speaking to media after a hour-long meeting with the resort management, the acting srapanch said, “We have accessed the situation prevailing there, for the last few days, and this being a residential area the safety of the children comes first and the roads here cannot accommodate large buses.”

She said that the management of the resort was already intimated about their staff and drivers speeding on the road, and noise pollution being  created.

She said that the panchayat will reopen the resort  file, and reconsider the licences and permission that have been granted and necessary action will be taken.

She said the construction licence was granted for a residential complex, however, later on lincence to operate a resort was granted adding that the panchayat will have to examine  the  basis on which licences were issued to the resort management

Villager Venzy Viegas said, “If the resort is illegal, we will stop it,” and added that the resort is a mini-Raheja which has entered in disguise. Viegas alleged “involvement” of the previous panchayat body in granting permissions for  under controversial circumstances.

The co-founders of the resort Avinash Parmar and Dinesh Singh, however, clarified saying that the resort is within the ambit of the law.

As far as the issues raised by the villagers concerned, they said, “We want to live in a cordial environment and we will try to address all the issues and ensure that the guests do not cause hardships to the villagers.”

They said that the management will consider installing signboards along the route to the hotel and added that they will also issue instructions to the staff to drive slowly on the route.


Source: VP will have to examine basis for licences Carmona acting sarpanch

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