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Govt counters allegations on CIFT kits to detect formalin in fish

Govt counters allegations on CIFT kits to detect formalin in fish

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Countering the allegation made by Sanjeev Raiturkar, an activist,  who had claimed that the rapid detection kits for adulterants in fresh fish from the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) was ineffective in detecting formalin in fish, the government on Wednesday issued a clarification stating that 100 per cent uptake of formaldehyde in the fish was scientifically not possible.

A clarification released by Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said, “The activist has used 3-5 parts per million concentration of formaldehyde for spiking the fish, the final expected concentration would always be below this range and cannot be detected by the kit. It is also equally erroneous to assume that there is 100 per cent uptake of formaldehyde after spiking. The activist was trying to show 100 per cent uptake to the audience, which is a scientifically invalid proposition”.

This clarification was sought by Food Drugs and Administration from the director of CIFT Dr C N Ravishankar days after Raiturkar demonstrated the method adopted by FDA to test imported fish for formalin and claimed that it was faulty.

“If a fish of 50.0 gram is dipped in/smeared with 10.0 ml of formaldehyde solution of 5.0 ppm concentration, then the final expected theoretical concentration in fish would be 1.0 ppm,” read the explanation.

This explanation by CIFT is clearly evident that if the added formaldehyde were less in quantity then the kit would prove to be ineffective and fail to detect the same.

CIFT further said that the kit has been developed after arduous validation experiments as per international requirements. And the use of the kit is supported by FSSAI and does not need any ISI mark.

Meanwhile, FDA confiscated food items worth Rs 26,500 from Ponda and Curchorem which did not conform to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

FDA officials destroyed 80 kilogram of Shankarpali (sweet) worth Rs 20,000 from Ponda and expired stocks of bread and cake worth Rs 6,500.


Source: Govt counters allegations on CIFT kits to detect formalin in fish

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