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GFP is not contesting elections, says Vijai

GFP is not contesting elections, says Vijai

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GFP chief and TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai in an interview with
‘The Navhind Times’ senior reporter ROQUE DIAS states that “state issues need to get prominence and should be resolved. We took up seafarers’ issue, which was a state and Salcete-centric one. The BJP also helped to resolve it. It should be like that, state issues need to be given prominence”

Please tell us whether the GFP is going to contest the elections announced. We are not  contesting the elections. This is because, we have chosen not to put them into a predicament unlike  the other alliance partners. We  believe in karma and dharma. By virtue of this, the agenda we are setting is that those who are espousing the  regional sentiments will find the favours with the electorate who support us.


Okay, now that  the GFP is not contesting the elections, but, will the party  support the  BJP  candidates during the Lok Sabha elections, or will the GFP adopt a neutral stand? There are two things in it. Sometimes not opposing itself is supporting. There are parties in the alliance, which are in the alliance and contesting the elections.


The MGP has made it clear that it is contesting the by-elections and  will decide soon on  Lok Sabha elections. Do you  fear that  after the by-elections,  the MGP will become stronger than  GFP?  Tell  us whether you are  supporting the  BJP  candidates? Who will be stronger, that the people will decide.  GFP is the voice of the  Goykars.   You see, we are in the  NDA alliance. We cannot have double standards.


Can we consider that 

GFP is supporting the  BJP candidates?

We are in the NDA.


All know this. Tell us about your support When we are in the alliance, we are supporting them (BJP).


Okay, if  you are supporting them, how would it be?  Will  you  be canvassing for the  BJP candidates, attending and addressing their meetings?  This,  we will see when the meetings  are organised. You see, the point is let them reach that stage. Let us cross the bridge when we reach the river.


But, you are almost at the bridge.  No, there are still 14 days for filing of the nominations. Till  date you have not decided to address the BJP meetings… You see  ours is the post-poll alliance. It was not a pre-poll alliance. Wherever  the GFP is elected and in the other constituencies where GFP is active, the national parties – both the  Congress and  the BJP have  presence of their own. And, both had contested against us. So they do  not  need to come and say vote for us. They have their own  mechanism of contesting the elections.


If the BJP  seeks  your  help, will you support the party? That will be discussed when they come to us. We will take a call when it is needed. We are well with this decision. We are in a vacation mode till the May 23. We are helping the constituency people with their issues. As of now, no issue has arose, for us to provide help to  the BJP. We will take a call when the issue arises.


Suppose BJP candidates come to you and ask for your help, will you offer help, especially, in  South Goa? The BJP candidates have to espouse the same sentiments, which the GFP is talking  about. If they only start talking about the nation too much, then  good luck to them.  State issues need to get  prominence and  should be resolved. We took  up seafarers’ issue, which was a  state and Salcete-centric one. The BJP also helped to resolve it. It should be like that,  state issues need to be given prominence.


Is the BJP going slow in taking up the state issues? Yes and No. Because, all state issues which needed to be taken, the BJP had not taken up them, which is why we are born. Our party  talks about  Goykarponn. The national parties did not have  guts to say it.  We  brought Goykarponn  at the centre of state’s political discourse.


Source: GFP is not contesting elections, says Vijai

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