Forts in Goa

Reis Magos

reis-magos-fortBuilt in 1551, the Reis Magos fort is another manifestation of the Portuguese rulers' resolve to defend their territory against invaders from the neigbouring states of Goa. The fort is located at the eponymous village on the northern bank of the Mandovi River. Originally built by Sultan Adil Shah, the Reis Magos fort was annexed by the Portuguese in 1760.

Along with the Aguada fort situated two miles away, Reis Magos helped the Portuguese thwart the relentless attacks of the Maratha armies. Its favorable location at the mouth of the Mandovi estuary helped the defenders gain an upper hand over their enemies. The fort boasts of massive laterite fortifications studded with sentry towers.

The Reis Magos fort is one of the well-preserved forts of Goa. After the collapse of Portuguese rule, the fort was used as prison for quite sometime. The Reis Magos church, present at the base of the fort, adds to the charm of the village. Dedicated to St Jerome, the Reis Magos church is well known for the colorful 'Festa dos Reis Magos' (Feast of the Three Wise Men) held on the 6th of January every year.

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