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Zantye GSHCL considering setting up horticulture mall at Thivim

Zantye GSHCL considering setting up horticulture mall at Thivim

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Stating that post-monsoon showers and cyclonic rains have led to supply of poor quality vegetables  to its outlets, Goa State Horticultural Corporation Ltd (GSHCL), on Wednesday, assured that the situation will improve in next 8 to 10 days.

The corporation claimed that the good quality vegetables are procured from Belagavi market, but  the vegetables get spoilt by the time it reaches Goa, as it is wet at the time of harvest and also the gunny bags in which they are stored initially are also wet.

“Recently due to prolonged post-monsoon showers in South India, though the quality of vegetables was good at the fields. The vegetables get spoilt in transit due to hot and humid conditions. For the last 10 to 15 days, the situation is improving. However, the situation will come to a normal in another 10 days,” Pravin Zantye, chairman of GSHCL.

Zantye  said that the corporation has been asked to hold regular meetings of suppliers, vendors, and supervisors to ensure that vegetables supplied to the outlets are of good quality, while ensuring that the rates are at the minimum.

He further informed that a team of GSHCL will now be regularly visit Belagavi to ascertain the quality and rates of vegetables.

Zantye said, “We are considering setting up of a horticulture mall at Thivim wherein buyers and sellers can meet. To study the feasibility of the same we will send a team to Indore to learn how it functions there, and if it becomes a reality then depending on its success we may also consider setting up a mall for South Goa.”

He also stressed the need to have air-conditioned outlets so as to increase the life of perishable goods.

“We will see if we can work out a plan to provide a financial help or sort of scheme for some vendors of Panaji, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco so that they can convert the existing outlets into air-conditioned ones,” he added.


Source: Zantye GSHCL considering setting up horticulture mall at Thivim

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