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Teachers at aided colleges yet to get full salaries

Teachers at aided colleges yet to get full salaries

19 Apr 2017 No comment 45 hits

Panaji: Teachers of some government-aided higher education institutes have complained of receiving only part of their salary for the last and current month, with one even taking to social media to express the grievances.

Director of higher education, Bhaskar Nayak, however, told REPORTERS on Wednesday that it was the college managements' fault if any teacher has not been paid their salary on time.

"According to regulations for grant-in-aid institutions, salaries paid to college staff is reimbursed by the state government. This means the responsibility of payment of salaries of staffers rests primarily with the institute's management and the amount has to be recovered from the state later," said Nayak. But he said all grants for payment of salaries had been released for April by the state and if any college has not received the grants it is because they may not have completed some required procedures.

Officials said it is a known fact that salaries for April are credited by the state in installments as the preceeding month of March marks the end of the financial year.

Teachers, however, said some of them had not received any salary at all even though it was already halfway through the month.

"College managements could have paid the remaining amount of the salary to its staffers as the management will eventually get the funds from the government. But managements are not paying the staff claiming they have no additional funds with them for the purpose," said a teacher.

Employees of aided colleges said late payment of salary means they will default on installments payments of loans they have taken, besides being short of funds for their monthly living expenses.

Source: Teachers at aided colleges yet to get full salaries

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