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Sirlim villagers demand ‘corrective’ measures threaten to block NH 17



The villagers of Sirlim issued a 15-day ultimatum to the PWD for putting ‘corrective measures’ in place along the widened stretch of national highway 17 from Sirlim to Dramapur, which has turned into a deAath trap, failing which they will be blocking the highway on
October 25.

The people took to the streets after a spate of accidents which have claimed two lives and left several injured in the last couple of months.

The villagers along with panchayat members demanded that the PWD take preventive measures including construction of rumblers, and pedestrian crossings for the safety of the villagers of Sirlim and Dramapur.

The PWD has recently widened 2.5 km stretch of  the road, which has led to several accidents.

The villagers warned if the corrective measures taken they will be left with no option but to block the national 17 on
October 25.

The villagers also made a representation to the MLA Fillipe Neri Rodrigues in this regard to pursue the matter with the PWD and other government officials.

Source: Sirlim villagers demand ‘corrective’ measures threaten to block NH 17

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