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Over 30 feared missing as Goa bridge collapses

MARGAO: Over 30 persons are feared missing in a bridge collapse at Sanvordem, 55 km from Panaji, On Thursday.

"Four persons were rescued and are rushed to the hospital", SP (South Goa) Shekhar Prabhudesai told REPORTERS. When the bridge collapsed late evening, there were more than 40 persons on the bridge, he added.

A Large number of people gathered on the bridge following reports that someone had jumped off it in a suicide attempt. It's an old bridge which was closed for vehicular traffic some years ago. Only pedestrians were using it, a local resident said.

As the search and rescue operation started by the fire services, many local residents rushed to the bridge to watch the operation. All of a sudden, the bridge gave way and it was not known how many people are trapped, a source in the fire services said. Massive rescue operation is on, Prabhudesai said.

Source: Over 30 feared missing as Goa bridge collapses

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