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Madganvkars for rollback of garbage fees

Margao: The Shadow Council of Margao on Tuesday led a group of traders and residents for a meeting with Margao municipal council (MMC) chairperson Babita Prabhudessai, demanding a rollback of the garbage fees introduced by the municipality.

After giving a patient hearing to the group, Prabhudessai assured that the revised rates will be worked out soon, after consulting with all the stakeholders. Prabudessai also told the group that the assessment of unassessed houses for house tax/trade tax will soon be undertaken by the MMC.

The shadow council demanded a review of the garbage fees upon the completion of data collection of various types of premises, including all the unassessed residential and commercial premises within Margao municipal jurisdiction. It also demanded data collection of various types of waste generators so as to expand the tax base of the council.

Source: Madganvkars for rollback of garbage fees

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