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Lucky Seven once again fails to move into Mandovi waters




The salvaging operation undertaken by the salvaging agency M/s AMS Marine LLC, Egypt, for refloating Lucky Seven, the casino vessel grounded off the Miramar beach some two months ago, and pulling it into the waters of Mandovi river for its underwater survey, failed on successively the second day of this operation.

The tug employed to pull Lucky Seven into the Mandovi river, as per the High Court order, was unable to pull the vessel on Monday. The salvaging operation had commenced on September 10.

It is learnt that cracks developed in the engine room still remain to be repaired.

The representatives of Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd have termed the stranding of the vessel as an accident and said that the same cannot be described as the irresponsibility of the company. It was also maintained that the salvaging exercise is being undertaken without rushing into things, with all precautions followed. Meanwhile, environmentalists have started expressing their concern at the erosion of the Miramar beach, which is taking place very fast, due to the casino vessel.


Source: Lucky Seven once again fails to move into Mandovi waters

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