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Goan bridges are structurally safe new audits soon PWD

Goan bridges are structurally safe new audits soon PWD

19 May 2017 No comment 15 hits

Panaji: The public works department (PWD) remained confident about the structural strength of Goan bridges and said that the department conducts safety audits of all the bridges twice a year.

With the onset of monsoon around the corner, PWD has announced that it would commence its safety checks of critical bridges in Goa, in the coming days. "All bridges in Goa are structurally safe," said principal chief engineer Uttam Parsekar.

Elaborating on the safety checks, PWD officials said that the inspection is undertaken to see the deck slab levels, corrosion and other changes in the bridge conditions.

"Twice a year, PWD conducts a safety test, pre-monsoon and post-monsoon. We check deck levels, if there are any blocks. After the monsoon, especially if there were floods or high water levels, we check for cavities in the concrete. The bridges are usually closed for the inspection," a PWD official said.

PWD officials said that both, the Borim and Zuari bridges have recorded vibrations and signs of distress due to effects of corrosion over a period of time.

The pre-stressed cantilever bridges were built by Gammon India and at just over 30 years, both the bridges have hardly crossed half the expected life of a bridge.

"The concrete used in the construction of a bridge is much higher than the grade of concrete used for construction of buildings. So the life of a bridge should be at least 70 years. As technology develops, the design also improves," said former PWD principal chief engineer J S Rego.

PWD authorities have noticed "minor cracks" on a couple of piers and span on the Zuari bridge on earlier occasions and have attempted to rectify the "superficial" defects.

Source: Goan bridges are structurally safe new audits soon PWD

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