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Fear of impending disaster prompts MPT to file FIR

Fear of impending disaster prompts MPT to file FIR

17 May 2017 No comment 33 hits

Vasco: Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) has filed an FIR against Western India Shipyard Limited (WISL) with the Mormugao police over the partially sunk floating dry dock at WISL, which poses a threat to the port's property.

In its complaint, MPT stated that it had time and again alerted WISL that the floating dry dock was in the process of sinking and asked it to take immediate action to prevent it from totally sinking as this would not only endanger the port trust's property, but would also pose environmental threat by way of oil spillage.

MPT, in its complaint, said WISL had failed to keep the dry dock floating despite repeated reminders and that, on Wednesday, the dock partially tilted and sunk towards the breakwater.

Sources said that in the likelihood of the floating dry dock sinking, it would pull down the vessel MV Qing, which lies partially submerged at the shipyard's docks and bears large amounts of oil, opening up the possibility of an oil spillage that would leave the entire Goa coastline polluted.

"If no action is taken, great environmental disaster can take place," secretary, WISL Union, Sebastiao Pereira said. Additional collector Johnson Fernandes also inspected the floating dry dock on Wednesday.

For more than a year, WISL workers have also placed fears before stakeholders over the possibility of the floating dry dock sinking. Eight days ago, they also wrote to the Prime Minister and chief minister in the matter.

On April 5, 1993, MPT and WISL entered into an agreement whereby a water area measuring 50,000 sq m and land area measuring 31,000 sq m was licensed by the former to the latter for setting up and operating a dry dock and ship repair facility.

In September 2016, WISL management shut all operations at the yard and with it, activity at the dry dock was discontinued.

MPT has alleged that WISL has "caused threat to property in the vicinity".

"WISL is guilty of causing public nuisance as defined in Section 268 of the IPC," MPT's complaint read and demanded that action be taken against the shipyard under IPC Sections 268, 278, 287 and 290.

Source: Fear of impending disaster prompts MPT to file FIR

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