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Dharbandora mining truckers firm on Rs 14 per tonne per km rate

Dharbandora mining truckers firm on Rs 14 per tonne per km rate

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Dharbandora truck owners are firm over their demand for Rs 14 per tonne per kilometre rate for transporting iron ore in the upcoming mining season, and decided not to transport the ore unless new rate structure is not finalised by the state.

The truckers threatened that if their demand is not fulfilled by October 30 they would block the national highway 4A on November 1.

Dharbandora Truck Owners Association (DTOA) had called a meeting in the presence of local MLA Deepak Pauskar, Sanvordem sarpanch and others on Thursday.

The meeting at Collem was attended by around 500 truck owners.

During the meeting, Pauskar conveyed to the truck owners that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has put forth a new rate structure for transportation of iron ore this season as Rs 12.30 per tonne per km for first 10 km, followed by Rs 12 per tonne per km for the next 20 km and Rs 11.30 per tonne per kilometre for the next 30 kilometres with diesel at current market price during the meeting held on Wednesday.

He informed that only one truck for head of the family and a truck each for their adult children will be allowed for transporting the ore, and added that trucks from the mining routes only will be allowed to carry out the ore transportation.

“For GPS system, Rs 350 will be charged per month, against Rs 800 per year of the last year and excess money charged last year will be refunded,” he added.

Then he asked for truck owners’ views over the rates put forth by the Chief Minister, and said that “if the truckers are satisfied with new rate structure, we will start with the transportation and if truckers are not satisfied then we will fight for the desired rate structure.”

It is the unity among the truckers that has given us the chance to fight for the rate structure and if the truckers remain united then “we will stand by you always,” he said while addressing the truckers.

The truckers then unanimously took the decision that they would refrain from transporting the ore until their demand for Rs 14 per tonne per kilometre is fixed by the state government.

DTOA president Balaji Gauns said that “if the tuckers remain united over Rs 14 per tonne per kilometre rate demand in the coming days, the association and local MLA will stand by the truckers. If any truck owner starts carrying out ore transportation then the MLA and association will back out from the fight.”

Gauns also said that the truckers will not hesitate in taking law into hands if someone “indulges in ore transportation.”

He said that truckers have decided to block the national highway on November 1 if their demand is not fulfilled by the state government by October 30. Till then ore transportation will not start.

While speaking to this daily, Pauskar said that, actually as per the present situation, Rs 12.50 per tonne per kilometre, with current diesel rate, was fine for the new season.

It was well thought rate keeping in mind around Rs 4 profit margin per kilometre for truck owners. But the truckers want a higher rate and as the local MLA I have decided to support the truckers, he added.

Source: Dharbandora mining truckers firm on Rs 14 per tonne per km rate

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