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An onlooker who had to save himself

An onlooker who had to save himself

19 May 2017 No comment 27 hits

Sanvordem: He came crashing down along with the footbridge and plunged into the deep waters of River Zuari. Prajot Parsekar from Sanvordem, however, lived to tell the tale.

Parsekar was crossing the new bridge on his motorcycle when another passerby stopped him to inform that somebody had just jumped into the river from the footbridge.

"I stopped, parked my bike and dialed 100 to inform the police about the incident. I went across to the footbridge to get a better view of the person. I could see that the person could swim but at times he would appear struggling to keep himself afloat. The fire brigade personnel soon arrived and as they were about to reach across to him with the help of a canoe, he drowned," he said.

"I soon saw many people gathered around me me on the bridge. And before I knew what was happening, the footbridge came crashing down. The next moment I found myself in the waters and people yelling for help," Parsekar told REPORTERS. Parsekar swam across to the banks. "I only hope, all others who fell down, made it to safety," he says.

Source: An onlooker who had to save himself

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