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Godwin Franco is an Indian-Goan footballer playing for Dempo SC. Born and brought up in Guirim, a small quaint place in northern Goa Godwin plays in the midfield position for Dempo S.C. He lives with his family and says that family support is what one needs to  acquire their goals in life. 


Back in 2009 he had a bad injury due to an accident and he admits it was GOD who brought him back on the field without any hassle. It was after this that he came more closer to GOD and has been playing better ever since. 


Godwin Franco is a very kind hearted person brought up with all the goan cultures and traditions. As I know him personally - He is a fantastic human being!


Football Career:

He started as a very young footballer, played ever since he was a young kid....played for Assagao Anjuna Football Academy at various youth levels, then he joined SESA Football Academy where he graduated and started his senior career at 18 years of age with Churchill Brothers(2 seasons) then Fransa FC (1 season) then Sporting Clube de Goa (3 seasons) then Pune FC (1 season) and now Dempo SC. He also played for India U-19 , Goa U-21d at various youth levels and for Goa at the santosh trophy too.

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