coconutCoconut is an important horticultural crop of Goa. Coconut is an integral part of the Goan culture. From food to religious ceremonies, the coconut finds its mention in every place in the state. Coconut holds a very significant place in the heart of every Goan. The green fronds of palm trees swaying in the breeze will refresh your senses and leave you rejuvenated. Coconuts in Goa are a part of the lifestyle. They also feature in the local cuisine of the state. Mouthwatering delicacies are prepared in the local flavor using coconuts. Who can forget the fish curry with rice – Xitt Kodi’!!

Every part of the tree is used for some or the other purpose.coconut trees
Delicious cuisines and local food are prepared using coconut and its different forms. Many of the recipes are prepared in coconut oil. Some use the milk of the fruit and others use the flesh of the fruit. Coconut is the fruit of which, nothing is wasted. Coconut oil is taken out from the outer coat of the coconut that is dry. The flesh, oil, water and milk are used for cooking various South-Indian recipes. Coconut in Goa is used in various forms. The water of this fruit is the main drink in the state. The fruit is considered to be pious and is used in various religious ceremonies and sweets made for the occasion. Fermented palm wine is extracted and made from the coconut trees, which is a favorite among the localities and visitors. Some of the well-known dishes or supplements made from coconut are avail or a mixed vegetable recipe, chutney and fish recipes specially the famous Goan Fish Curry. 

The coconut, when tender, has refreshing water within its shell which is highly nutritive and delicious. The juice from the palm is fermented and serves as “Toddy” or Maddi (Coconut Feni) in many tavernas in Goa and is also exported abroad.

Husks provide coir for manufacture of various handicrafts like ropes, mats etc. This coir is also used in manufacture of Fishing nets, which is a source of livelihood of many people in Goa. The kopra is important in the perspective that it is a source of cooking oil, cosmetic and industrial products.

Its fronds are used for making baskets and thatching for roofs. The nut is the most important product, which serves as a cooking ingredient. The milk extracted from the white kernel, boiled and strained is an important ingredient in the famous Goan fish curry.




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